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Anthony J Bown - Master

Welcome to the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers website.

Master James Vickers

The company has a long and distinguished history dating back to before Queen Elizabeth I, who gave us our charter in 1571. Pre charter the craft or mistery of joinery dates from around 1239.

Today however the Worshipful Company of Joiners and Ceilers seeks to foster and enhance the traditional crafts of joinery and ceiling (wood carving), particularly through setting standards and encouraging students and apprentices of all ages. It also seeks to be active in charitable giving, constant in the promotion of fellowship amongst its members, and steadfast in upholding the ancient traditions of the company and the City of London through its formal banquets and dinners and other informal events.

Our craft of Joinery still remains very much practiced in the construction industry whilst wood carving is very much a specialist, but growing craft.

Our membership continues to be drawn mainly from the construction industry, from both the chartered professions and craft backgrounds, in addition we have many members of the financial services sector and educationalists both male and female of course.

Please feel free to peruse our site to learn something of our historic company which is no. 41 in the list of London Livery Companies and if you require further information just follow the link below.

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